Transcript of the Jurors’ Verdict


AN INQUISITION indented, taken for our Sovereign Lady the Queen at the House of Robert Langton Pearson, called

the Manor House in the Parish of Hampton Gay in the County of Oxford, on Saturday the twenty sixth and on Monday the twenty eighth days of December in the thirty eighth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great.


Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and seventy four, and by eleven Adjournments, at the County Hall Oxford up to Friday the nineteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and Seventy five, before William Brunner Gentleman Coroner for our said Lady the Queen in and for the Central District of the said County, on view of the Body of Henry Ernest Van Tromp, on the said twenty sixth day of December, at Hampton Gay aforesaid lying dead; upon the Oaths of Richard Gerring – Charles Mercer – John Beesley – Joseph Hutt – Edward  - Aris Michell – Robert Rowles Pratt – Arthur Wilsdon – Frederick Warland – Samuel Biston Huggins – James Hastings – William Gosling Rowles and Robert Fletcher

good and lawful Men of the said County, duly chosen, and who being then and there duly sworn and charged to inquire for our said Lady the Queen when, how, and by what means the said Henry Ernest Van Tromp

came to his death, Do upon their Oath say, That the said Henry Ernest Van Tromp on the twenty fourth day

of December in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy four was a passenger by a certain Express

Train on the Great Western Railway then and there travelling at a high rate of speed between the City of

Oxford and the Town of Banbury in the County aforesaid, when it so happened that while so travelling in the

line aforesaid in the parish of Shipton on Cherwell in the County of Oxford the Tyre of one of the Wheels of

a certain four wheeled third Class carriage then and there attached to the Tender of a certain locomotive

steam engine drawing the said Train suddenly by accident and misfortune caused by Influence of the

Atmosphere then and there became fractured whereby several of the Carriages comprised in the said Express

Train were then and there violently thrown off the aforesaid line of Railway and were damaged and destroyed,

and the said Henry Ernest Van Tromp was thereby then and there mortally crushed and injured – Of

which crushing and injury he the said Henry Ernest Van Tromp then and there instantly died.

And so the Jurors aforesaid upon their Oaths aforesaid Do say that the death of the said Henry Ernest Van Tromp

in manner and by the means aforesaid was by Accident and misfortune and not otherwise

In witness whereof as well the said Coroner as the Foreman of the said Jurors, and the rest of his Fellows, have to this Inquisitionset their Hands and Seals the day, the year, and at the place first above written.