Transcript of the Jurors’ Recommendations


At the County Hall Oxford

The Jurors upon the Inquests held respecting the Deaths of Henry Ernest Van Tromp – John Howard Harper – Edward Sylvester – John Thomas Trotter Pilkington John Augustus Pilkington – Charles John Cooley – Albert Fowler – John Edward Richards Mary White – John Thomas Hughes – Samuel Busby – Elizabeth Holme,- William Cavannah

Harry Johnson – Joseph Shaw – Humphrey Williams – Sarah Yates – Jane Pearson – Margaret Laverick – James Ellis – John Gardner – Henry Hills – Catherine Odonohoe – Emma Bryant Richard Cartwright and Jane Grimshaw – who were unfortunately killed by the Accident to the Express Train on the Great Western Railway Line in the Parish of Shipton

on Cherwell in the County of Oxford on the twenty fourth day of December one thousand eight hundred and seventy four (such Inquests having been continued by successive Adjournments up to this date) consider it their duty to append to their Verdict of “Accidental Death” the following suggestions and recommendations, for greater security. – viz

That more efficient means should be adopted at the Various Stations where the cord communications are adjusted for testing their efficiency – And also that ring sat least an inch and a half in diameter should be substituted for the small rollers now in use on the Carriage.

That better regulations are necessary for security of travelling, by placing a Break Van between the Tender and the first Passenger Carriage, And also at the end of the Train. And an average of one break Van to every five passenger

Carriages, intermixed with such Carriages, and under the control and direction of competent Guards supplied with all needful Appliances.

And that the System of having a Travelling Porter at the tail end of the Tender should be re-introduced – Dated 19th March 1875